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City scheme start

Southbank application

Revised Soho application

Canary Wharf pre-let

Refurbishment in EC2

City application

City tower consent

City scheme revived

Southbank scheme sale

Mayfair application

Southwark consent

Major SE1 pre-let

Major City scheme planned

Midtown consent

Southbank scheme progress

City scheme summer completion

Developer to acquire

City scheme start

Revised City application

Larger SE1 scheme

Southbank consent

Larger SE1 scheme

Victoria start

City demolition

Mayfair delay

Scheme close to completion

City scheme underway

Waterloo scheme sale mooted

City scheme underway

City scheme start

City scheme application

Southbank application

Refurbishment starts

Mayfair scheme completion

Victoria scheme start

Contractor for SW1 scheme

Southbank scheme plan

Construction start for 2016

Demolition start in the City

Southbank scheme in pipeline

Southbank scheme to start

City demolition

Contractor appointed

Consent in EC4

St James's application

Midtown scheme start

Revised plans for City scheme

Clerkenwell scheme start

Soho start

Covent Garden application

Mayfair construction underway

Shell centre in court

Elizabeth House saga rumbles on

St James's plan at early stage

Revised consent in WC2

City application

City refurbishment plan

Application in EC3

City application

Scheme to start in WC2

Midtown application

Law firm lets scheme

Smithfield scheme start date

Midtown scheme close to deal

Waterloo scheme set for consent

Quadrant start

Quadrant 4 consent

Mayfair demolition

Demolition start in SW1

Smithfield scheme tipped for start

Mayfair scheme underway

Waterloo scheme review

Soho start

Midtown refurbishment

Refurbishment in WC2

City refurbishment start

Dockland plan

City scheme for late 2013

St James application

Waterloo consent

West End application

St James start

City scheme re-start

City scheme appointments

Docklands application

Midtown scheme letting

Refurbishment delayed

Office site sold

Midtown appointment

Moorgate consent

Revised consent in EC2

Final Bankside blocks

Refurbishment plan

Midtown start

Long-awaited City application

Architect appointed

Shortlist for SE1 site

Design contest in SE1

Consent in EC3

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